Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Drive Home

I'm currently headed back to Saint Louis. Yesterday we drove from the LA area to Grand Junction, Colorado. Today we will make it somewhere in the middle of Kansas (the actual state, not my metaphorical place.)

The traveling tour is over but I still have a jam packed time the next two weeks. I've got three big presentations in Saint Louis and then I also have some traveling across the state presenting to schools. 

This drive home has been hard as it was 10 years ago today I was making this same drive home from being a race car driver instructor in Vegas. I had so much hope back then that the drive would be the first of many that would see me driving across the country racing in front of thousands. Obviously, that didn't happen but on this drive that sense of hope, or the remnants of it, have been stirred up. 

Don't get me wrong, this new race I'm in is much more important and it feels so odd to be on this road with similar feelings yet 10 years apart. Right now I have that same feeling I had 10 years ago in that I hope this isn't my last trip. This month I spoke to over 7,500 people which I think is an incredible feat and I hope I can do this again. Even though I have all these events planned coming up, in a way, I'm afraid this drive home will be an end instead of just the closing of one chapter. 

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  1. If I remember correctly, one of your recent posts mentioned that you've spoken to 30,000 people in your presentation career. The 2012 census says there's 314,000,000 in America. That means that there are 313,970,000 people who haven't heard your message. I don't think you're done speaking yet Aaron. I believe there will come a time when having Autism or any developmental or mental disablity will not have a stigma attached to it. But, until that time, you have as long a road ahead of you as you want to travel. I hope you continue to want to for a long time. BTW, I plan on seeing you at the November event if I don't see you around the office first.