Thursday, November 7, 2013

Delayed Wall

It took several days but the trip has now caught up with me. It's a weird feeling, but this is rather common with me that when something ends right away, like a month long tour, I don't really feel tired until a few days after. I know, weird, and in my later books which haven't been published I refer to this as the "time-lapse."

Another thing that might be playing into this hitting of the proverbial delayed wall is that I also had the Captain Phillips movie experience on Saturday and yes, five days can happen for time lapse.

I know this was always confusing for my parents because if something happened, whether it was a major social episode or a major change, I would seem unaffected for several days and then out of nowhere would experience a flood of emotions or would feel a massive dose of tiredness. Right now I am experiencing a little bit of both and because of that I'm going to keep today's blog short as I've got to save my energy for a presentation tonight.

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  1. You keep a schedule that anyone would be hard pressed not to get exhausted from, from time to time. Talk, drive, talk, drive, talk, flag a race, talk and drive some more. And every once in a while you come into work. (That's a joke, albeit not a very good one) It was great seeing you after your last presentation. Funny thing was, I think I'd read about almost all the things you spoke about just from reading your blog. But it was even better hearing it first hand. Get some rest when you can and I hope things can calm down a bit for you over the upcoming holiday season.