Monday, December 30, 2013

The Numbers of 2013

The Numbers of 2013

Days away from home: 201

Presentations Given: 148

Amount of people spoken to: 18620!

Most people spoken to at once: 1,500 at Orange Lutheran

Most people spoken to in a month: 7,726 in October

Number of miles driven for presentations and flagging: 18,697

Number of Canadians angered by my music: 1 (Same one as 2010, 2011, and 2012… Can you believe he came back for another go?)

Numbers of time curling: 1 (and I want to go back! Why can’t it be a popular sport in America, or rather where I live?)

Number of hospital visits: 0!

Number of holes in one while golfing: 0 (What can I say, I slacked off from 2012. I did have an eagle 2 though from 110 yards out.)

Number of hate mail received: 0 (Weird, only my first year did I get this. But please, don’t write in just to change this number.)

Number of counties presented to in Missouri: 32

Number of states presented in: 11 states and 1 Canadian Province (British Columbia)

Number of horrific golf course experiences: 1 (this is actually a drop in numbers so this is a good thing)

Number of flags waved at races: Unknown. I’d estimate a lot though

Number of homes purchased: 1 (and I never want to move again!)

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