Monday, December 16, 2013

The Offseason

I feel slightly ashamed to say this but I am excited for the next two weeks. If you've followed my blog this year you'll know that I have been busy, to say the least. This entire year has been go go go but today marks a week that I have nothing on the agenda.

It really started after the USAC racing banquet Saturday night and when that was over and I was driving to my sister's I felt a large weight lifted off of my shoulders. The past month has been a point that I have found my limit. Since September 7th I have given 60 presentations, been coast to coast, driven some 10,000 miles, spoken to over 12,000 people and have had minimal time to be still. And there's something to be said about being still; it's something I need. There are some people out there that always seem to have a need to be moving and doing but for myself I need time to do nothing and let my brain decompress and think. In just my one day, on Sunday, of having this I've already come up with a blog concept which I hope to write for tomorrow's blog.

On the other hand it feels weird as I look at my calendar on my phone. My calendar is almost sacred to me and I live by it; it's the way I keep track of where I am going and what I will be doing and for the next two weeks it's empty. I don't have to drive 300 miles, I don't have to give a presentation (which is somewhat of a downer) and I don't have to worry about time in that if I'll be late or too early for something.

If anything, I guess, you could call this time of year for myself the offseason if my year were a sports season. My time isn't wasted, however; I do have two lengthy blogs to prepare and I will have to time to finally be in a position to think without doing. My book, and best concepts were born from this state of being and maybe I shouldn't be this happy about it, but this week I am going to enjoy my time of decompressing and enjoying the simple fact of being without a massive dose of doing.

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