Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to the road

It's going to be a fun evening for myself as after bowling I head back on the road headed to Springfield as I have a presentation to a court tomorrow. 

It's evenings like tonight that I truly enjoy. I think back to my first road trip for presentations almost four years ago and every time I get the honor to travel anywhere like this I get excited. Today is going to be even more interesting because at bowling my team has a chance to win the quarter tonight and last week I set a new personal best three game series with a 760! Oh, if I could improve on that this week. 

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  1. Hi Aaron - I was at your presentation today for Greene County Juvenile Office. You did a great job! I have two nieces who are on the spectrum, one of whom lives with us. You spoke very truly to what we've experienced and are creating a great awareness for others. Keep up the good work! ~ Becky Cliffton Hopkins, Domestic Relations Officer for Greene County Family Court