Friday, February 28, 2014

Final Thoughts on my First 1,000

Starting on Monday I will be running the #10 blog posts of my first 1,000 and that will last for two weeks, but today I am reflective on just how much has changed since my first blog post.

I've tried to do an adequate job on writing the history of my blog but there's no way I could, really. I think of all the places I've gone, people I've met, places I've seen, and stories I've heard and there is no way I could rightly make a history out of that. Why? How could I possibly, in one or two posts, give justice to four years of my life that have, truly, been four years of transformation and growth?

There's been so much I'd love to share from my blog, so many stories that stick out which is why I will feel as if I never did a good enough job on this "history of" series. I could share the stories of my biggest crowds, or biggest social hurdles, or the posts of dedication of those that were lost in these 1,000 posts but if I started with just a little I'd keep going.

To some a milestone of 1,000 posts would be nothing; perhaps just another number. I'm milestone-minded and I was proud when I hit 100 so this thing of a thousand is huge. Perhaps it's this that is making me hard to put into words what it means for me. 1,000 is a big deal, right?

I've been stuck for about half-an-hour trying to come up with something semi-coherent and nothing is coming. This, truly, is one of the most difficult posts I've ever written because I know there is no way I can do it. There is no way I could express my shock in having a project go on this long, and there is no way I could express my appreciation to all of my readers around the world. Honestly, I can't believe so many people from around the world take time out of their day to read a thought from just a guy who lives in Saint Louis, Missouri who, five years ago, was unemployed and was essentially hopeless. What a transformation, right?

With that I think I need to end this, but before that a final thank you to every person who has read my blog, a big thank you to all those who opened doors to get me here, and to those that are no longer with us but helped me get here, well, you are not forgotten. Each day I think about you and am grateful. And here's the thing, if there's one thing I take away from my first 1,000 posts it's this; I'm just one person but the impact that these people in my life had were huge. We're talking about the difference between where I was five years ago and where I am now. I'm sure they didn't think that what they were doing would have any sizable impacts, but it did. From the person who let me give a presentation about racing to Matt, who gave me the floor when it came to speaking to doctors which grew my confidence as a speaker allowing me to get to the level I am today. From those still here, to those who are alive in our memories, I want to thank every one from the deepest part of my soul. If anything, these first 1,000 blog posts, if read from start to end, would be a perfect way to witness the transformation from human potential to human doing, but I didn't do it by myself so thank you all, to my coworkers, to my readers, and to those that comment. All I can say is that it's been an incredible ride and who knows where I'll be over the course of the next four years and the next 1,000 posts!

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  1. I am honored to have read everyone. You truly are a gift to the world and to me. God bless your future as he has bless your past.