Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Home: A Year After Closing

Going back a year, on my 30th birthday, I closed on the home I'm living in and today, well, today marks the one year mark of bringing the first batch of my stuff into this place I now call home.

I can't believe it's been a year and I still sort of feel as if Maryland Heights is my home. I loved the place I was in and the view out the back patio was amazing. However, a move couldn't be helped and I found an amazing place at a staggeringly amazing price with a not so bad view out the front and here I am.

If you remember from the end of this month last year my issues with my home were immense as sensory issues were starting to become a major issue. There were multiple issues with the first, and most major, being the fact that one of my neighbors (I'm in a town home) started listening to music at 4AM and any bit of noise louder than the noise of air coming through the vent will wake me up. Thankfully, as soon as April hit, I was so busy that I was rarely home so this really didn't become an issue. Later in the year I noticed the noise had stopped and when I returned home from my nationwide tour in October I saw a "for sale" sign. Since then the place was sold and I've got a new neighbor who has much better music etiquette at 4AM.

There was another issue in play, and it still is in play to be honest, and that is this radar-like system I have in my head. When I lived with my parents I knew where everyone one at all times. Imagine a 2D image of a home, much like a map in a video game, and a small circle representing each person as this is what goes on in my brain. There was/is no off switch for this and at home it became tiring as I quite simply could not turn it off. Why is this bad now? Having creaky floors makes it where I can hear my neighbors at all times in terms of footsteps so I now have this system with people I've never met in a home I've never seen and there is no turning this off.

Despite those issues my time in my home as been, for the most part, great. It did get better when music player neighbor left and I have become somewhat accustomed to hearing the faint sounds of other televisions. I didn't think I could build up this tolerance but I have and it's okay now. Secondly, I can't believe I haven't burned the place down in some sort of freak accident or punch a major hole in the wall by mistake.

Because I was gone so much last year my place never felt like a home but rather a hotel between hotel stays (except housekeeping DID NOT do a good job on keeping up with cleaning!)but maybe it was my mom staying here for a week, or maybe it was just the fact that I've been here enough to enjoy it, but whatever the case may be this place that I closed on 366 days ago now truly feels like home.

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  1. Hi,

    I am familiar with this noise problem, too.

    Have you tried earplugs as a means to prevent the mapping-the-location-of-the-neighbours problem? If you can't hear them, you can't map them.

    (Might help with sleeping, too.)

    All the best, thanks for the great blog.

    P.S. I read lots of your other posts, and, it occurred to me, that much of your social unease would be eased by practising the phrase, "Excuse me, please" in situations where this is necessary - e.g. aisle blockages in the supermarket which prevent your progress to your next destination, or where a fellow with many coupons and calculators is blocking your access to a desired product on the shelves. Even just to practise saying, "Excuse me, please", then waiting for them to move, and saying thank you when they do, would help you a lot, I think.

    Just wanted to share this insight as it seems to be a recurring problem. Hope it helps.


    Best wishes.