Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Other Side of Interviewing

In the past I've shared some of the interviews I've been a part of on various news media. In all those, of course, I was the one being interviewed but on Sunday the roles were reversed. For those that don't know, I serve on the commentary team for a racing league on iRacing and I had no idea I was going to be interviewing the winner of the race until Wil, the main announcer, threw it to me.

The reason I share this is this; I have an incredibly difficult time asking questions. If I don't understand something I won't ask, "What do you mean?" If I need help I won't ask, "Could you help me?" I'm probably one of the worst question askers except in this realm because, and this falls under my "Alias" concept put forth in my book Finding Kansas and that is I'm not asking as myself, but rather the race reporter. So take a listen to this interview because it was given by the world's worst question asker.

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