Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hope in Questions

Earlier today I presented to about 20 police officers from various towns within a county. This presentation had the highest average rank as there was a chief, an assistant chief, some captains, and some lieutenants. While this is a neat fact the thing that I came away with in this presentation were the questions. 

Usually questions are rare in a group setting when it comes to officers. Afterwards, 1 on 1 they'll ask, but not in group. Whilst that is the norm today was anything but as in the middle of examples there were questions. My police presentation usually goes 50 minutes as they're somewhat strict on the 50 minute mark but with the amazing and insightful questions the presentation was 70 minutes! 

I left the police station today with more hope for the future than ever. Autism awareness and understanding is vital for those on the spectrum and this is needed all across society. Hopefully the police will never be needed, but should they have a call and autism is in play I hope those officers will have had the same enthusiasm and inquisitive nature of the officers I spoke to today. 

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