Friday, March 21, 2014

Writing: A Product of My Environment

While this will go up in the morning US Central time I am actually writing this in a hotel room outside Kansas City after a three hour drive. Why is this relevant? I've learned more in the past month about my ability to write is highly reflective on the environment I'm in and for the best results in writing I have to have complete control of my environment.

I go back to when the first time I wrote willfully; it was after midnight and I was still living at home. Since it was so late everyone else had gone to bed and I was having trouble sleeping as usual. It was during these sleepless nights that my thoughts were able to go without interruption. Things just made a little bit more sense during these hours. This isn't to say that company was bad, but when I had a lot of thoughts, emotions, and fears going through me my mind took (and still does) longer to sort things out. When I was alone at night I could hyper-focus on things and this led to me sitting down to write these thoughts.

This is probably a given, is it not? I mean, any artist of sorts whether it's an artist, musician, or writer has to have control of an environment to be able to go through the creative process and come out the other side with a work of art. This is how it is for me, but in writing the works I have done for my 5th book I've also learned that this process is much longer than just the time it takes to type the words as I have found myself thinking, perhaps all day, of what I would later be writing. During this time of thought I've had this craving to be alone to sort out thoughts and to put concepts to use to describe the reason as to why something may be the way it is.

When writing I am very picky about how I sit and what type of noise is going on. One thing about my writings is that about half of my blogs and I'd estimate over 75% of every book chapter I've ever written had music playing in the background. However, as with everything else about writing, I'm rather particular about the music being played. For the most part all the music I listen to are wordless as hearing words of any sort, song or not, is a major distraction. There have been exceptions if the song lyrics are in line with a topic I'm writing about which helps channel the emotions, but usually I need primarily classical songs to help bring out the words.

On my drive I was thinking about this blog post and how it has any relevance to anyone else and I think the important thing here is this; my writings are written my the depths of my conscious. While talking about emotions for some are easy they aren't for me despite what it may appear. Before I found writing as an outlet it took a perfect storm of events for me to be able to express anything of emotional relevance. In other words, you couldn't just start talking about emotions and expect me to respond with no issues. So too now with my writing; if I'm in a place where's there's chatter, or distractions, it can be hard for me to write. There have been exceptions as I've written in airports, or at malls, but those blog posts are usually about the place which then the place becomes like the music in that the place gets channeled to words. So yes, there are exceptions, but if I'm going to talk about what I feel, instead of what I'm seeing, I need complete control of my environment because to speak from the soul there is a need of full trust in all things around me. I see my writing ability as windows opening and they aren't open for a long time. In everything I've written, blogs or book chapters, I've only stopped in a middle of a chapter and came back to finish it at a later point in time once! That's incredible, isn't it? Four and a quarter books, 1,003 blog posts and only once was I able to pick a chapter up later when stopping in the middle which is a great example of what talking about emotions are like for me. If I am talking about something on the emotional level and there is a break there's a chance that window may close. And it might not even have to be a break but a change in the environment may do it (such as a new person entering the room, or a loud, distracting noise, or perhaps just a feeling of being uncomfortable) and make it hard or impossible to go back to that place where I felt as if I could express myself. Sometimes I may be picky about where or how I write but there's a good reason to this because I either can or can't write as there is no middle ground to what my environment will allow me to do.

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