Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More on my project

On Monday I said I was going to work on the labels that go with my posts. I worked on this aggressively but I started to realize something; I was having way too many labels. 

I tried to scale back but it wasn't working. Being a semi-perfectionist meant this labels had to be perfect, but I started having four different labels for almost the same thing and yet they did need different labels. 

Then there were some amazing posts that no label would fit. These are must read posts but no label would fit do what would I do with these? 

I've thought about it and have determined, for now, to remove the labels from my blog. Labels might work if I had 200 posts, but being over a thousand has made it too difficult. Maybe in the future I'll go back, delete all the labels (they're still there, they're just not able to be seen) and start anew with a knowledge that I can't use more than 10 labels. 

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