Friday, April 4, 2014


In my presentations I mentioned that, when I was younger, I hated storms. I also did this in an early blog post from 2010. To this day I still am not a fan of storms and I have an hideous phobia of electricity which is exactly what lightning is which makes the whole thunderstorm experience all the more frightening. Yesterday, however, the timing of everything reached a new level of panic.

Last week it was an earthquake so I guess it was fitting that another one of Mother Nature's tricks would be seen. It was before dawn and I was sleeping at peace for the first time in about a week as I've had a nasty cold. This peaceful sleep was shattered by, well, I'll let you hear the sirens we have in Saint Louis (I don't know how loud this will be on your system so it best to turn volume down and work up.)

For myself the noise of any civil defense siren is about the eeriest, creepiest, and downright death thought inducing noise in the world. As that wailing noise started I was unaware that there was a storm so my thoughts instantly went to a catastrophic belief that the world was about to end in a fire that would be known as WWIII.

I didn't waste any time because, when it's dark and one has no information I wasn't going to hang around upstairs and figure out what was going on; my motto is this, when the sirens go don't ask questions and just proceed to the basement. That's what I did and I turned on the television to find that there was a storm (I heard thunder at this exact time) so I breathed a sigh of relief until the weatherman showed where the rotation was and it was four miles north of me and just half a mile from where my girlfriend lives. I was half-awake half-asleep and the only thing on my mind was getting back asleep and most of the time they'll issue a warning if circulation is present on the offshoot chance there could be a tornado so I went back to sleep as the sirens had quickly turned off in my neighborhood.

When I reawoke I checked the news and saw that there had been so tree and powerline damage in University City due to a tornado touchdown but other than that, at that point in time, there were no reports of injuries.

The story doesn't end there as in the morning I was on edge due to the previous night's storm along with the prospect of more storms during the day. I had a presentation to give just as a line of strong storms was rolling in and at the presentation, before I took the stage, I went into classic Aaron mode. It's been a long time since I had severe positional warfare (check my glossary page if you are unaware of what this is) and gave answers of least resistance. The lady who was in charge wanted me to sit at a table but I remained standing and wanted no part of any social situation because I was as tense as possible. This was how I was in school back in the day on days of storms and concentrating was impossible up until I began presenting. When I began adrenaline kicked in and all was well despite the clap of thunder and the sound of heavy rain.

Perhaps I appeared a bit rude before I began but I was so frazzled that any conversation required more strength than I had. My mind was racing and I constantly was checking my phone to look at the radar. I don't know if this helped or hurt as I could see exactly when and where the storm was going to be and it was where I was. Because of all this sitting was not an option.

So I had an earthquake last week, a severe thunderstorm and a tornado in the vicinity and now people on Facebook are saying a haboob will be next as I will be traveling to Phoenix today to work another race. Whatever the case may be I just hope my dealings with quakes are tornadoes will end for a while, this has been too much excitement in too short of a time. Like, for a year.

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  1. That is an eerie, creepy death noise. If I heard that, I would get some survival things.