Friday, May 2, 2014

Going Forward in the End

So yesterday was May 1st and for most people this marks just another day and another month passing by. For most people the day has no meaning except another marker that time is moving forward. For many, however, it means that Autism Awareness Month is over. But what does this mean?

From my observations, each year, Autism Awareness Month always starts out strong and media outlets report about autism at a fever pitch, but by halfway through the month the "month of awareness" gets cut to a week or so. I'm not expecting a month long of headline stories as I understand that there could be over-saturation of any given story. Why am I saying this? We can't leave it to the media to promote Autism Awareness Month.

If we leave it to the media autism will be headlines for just a few weeks of the year. It's up to everyone involved with autism to keep the progress moving forward despite the end of the allocated month. I'm sort of doing my part in Texas this weekend as I work the SKUSA Spring Nationals as the chief starter. While Autism Awareness Month is over I will be using my blue checkered flags for this race. This will be my last race of the year using these flags as next race I do I'll go back to the black/white flag, but for me this is symbolic as the month is over but the mission is not.

We have a mission that we must forge forward with. We can't relent, we can't rest, and we must win. As we move forward with awareness and understanding we will eventually get to a point where ignorance is no longer an excuse. It shouldn't be now, of course, but it is still used. We are making progress, at least I'd like to think we are, and each year I hope we get closer to that day. Again, we must strive for that day, we must.

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