Thursday, July 31, 2014

Navigating the Airport Silently

From the first blog post I had about traveling to flag I've become rather apt at navigating airports. I am much better today than I was with dealing with security and all the other aspects of socializing that comes from traveling. Actually, I say that but I left my flags at the TSA checkpoint this morning. It was too early and I walked away leaving my flag bag on the exit area of the scanner. Ten minutes later I was back and claimed them so there was a life lesson learned today.

Anyway, I now always listen to music while traveling as this has nothing to do with music but it limits the expectations of those around me. Take for instance what happened just now; I'm sitting at the end of the C terminal in Salt Lake City and a man asked if the seat beside me were open. Now typically, when someone asks, they verbalize it but because I have earphones in my ears he waved his hand and pointed inquisitively towards the chair and I just nodded. What would have been a vocal interaction has been reduced to a simple nod.

Is this progress or regress? I'm not sure, but it works. I don't like speaking in public (odd since I am a public speaker but there's a big difference between the two) and am about as shy as can be. I'm perfectly fine when I am by myself and I have had a smile most of the day but I've also been isolated among a mass of people. I used to feel alone in a group and hated it, but since now it is by choice and a defense, in a way, I enjoy it.

I had a conversation with someone a last week in which she said she has no problems talking to people in an elevator or an airplane and those situations are downright frightening! When I see strangers on a plane talk the entire time as if they've known each other for years I, well, at first I cringe because that is something I just can't fathom but secondly, I must admit, I'm a tad but envious because I wonder how on Earth people are able to do that.

At this moment I am thankful I am found the music from my phone as a calming mechanism because being here at the end of C terminal is about as high of an overload place as possible. Unlike the start of the terminal where gates are spaced far apart, there are seven gates in one location so there is a constant flux of movement and announcements. Without distraction I would probably be at the start of the terminal and I would await the boarding time then show up.

My plane boards in just a few minutes so I need to wrap this up to give me time to share this, but I'm off to an exciting and thrilling weekend in Modest, California as the SKUSA Pro Tour Summernats are having a street race. I'll see if I can do a video blog tomorrow to once again describe what, exactly, I do at all these races.

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