Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Walk in DC

Yesterday the USAC director, Kyle, and I had a day in the Washington DC area. The day started with lunch at Santini's with my aunt which I have to say made it feel as if it were November as that's when I am normally there. From there we went to DC as Kyle had never been there before and I highly enjoy being a tour guide of sorts so we, eventually, found a parking spot and we took off.

Everything was done on foot and we parked about half a mile from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum which is my favorite so we went there first, but after seeing the new building at Dulles Airport the old building just wasn't as awe-inspiring as before. Sure, seeing Apollo 11, John Glenn's Mercury capsule, and a Gemini capsule can't be beat, and feeling part of a moon rock, the amount of aircraft just isn't what it is at Dulles. So later today that's where we are going.

From there we walked and crossed the national mall and I took this neat panorama photo.


We made the trek to Ford' theater which was about to close, but we made it in just in time and from there we headed towards the capitol building. I actually had never been close to this building so we walked and on the way we came across a Barnes and Noble. I went in because I am always interested to see if my book is in stock. Maybe it is a little vain, but there is such a feeling of accomplishment each time I see my book on a bookshelf and it took a minute to find the psychology section as it was as far back as one could get in the store, but there it was!

I felt so honored seeing that and that gave me more energy to make the walk to the capitol, and from there we walked back the same way towards The White House, which I also had not been to, or at least as close as one can get. Along the way we saw the Canadian Embassy which was an amazing building I do have to say.

From The White House we went back to the car and all in all in what was a full day, but the day was full of thought. The last time I walked on The National Mall was back in 2003 when my life was in severe turmoil and my aunt and I spent a day walking around and had dinner at the old post office. The events of that time should be in my 2nd book and I don't want to think/discuss them here at this point in time, but I relived a lot of emotions about people, places, and time. This motivated me even more to push towards the future. I have a couple big ideas which one of which I made a lot of progress several days ago and maybe today I'll finish the first draft of it.

Yesterday, being in that place, I was able to relive what was. This is something that I am blessed and cursed on having, but I could feel the emotions I had 11 years ago and this gives me the knowledge that I am doing the most important job I could be doing.

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  1. Well, I have never been to D.C. so, unfortunately, I can't commiserate with you about it. I do however, have a question for you about your B&N side trip. As a writer, what are your feelings about the decline in the number of brick and mortar bookstores. While book sales are actually on the rise when you take into account the proliferation of eBooks, actually stores are closing by record numbers. I personally have pretty much made the transition over to eBooks a couple of years ago but a part of me will miss the experience of browsing among the thousands of books on the shelves in an actual store. And how does this affect an author who regularly has book signings at your events? Hard to sign an eBook. Just curious on your thoughts.