Friday, August 29, 2014

The People We Meet (Once Again)

Several times I have blogged about the people we meet, such as this June 2011 entry. I have found that, if we pay attention, everyone has a story and an energy about them and their are times that these chance meetings can make an impression.

Last week working the USAC .25 race in Kalamazoo the USAC crew went to eat at an Italian place and the waiter, who obviously loved his job and food, provided much opinion and talk on the ordering process. One person asked what was good and he responded, "the ribs!" to which everyone thought he was joking, but he wasn't. He then went on about how he has worked all over Europe, and Utah, and only two other places had better ribs than that place. Later on he talked about his love of mountains and how he went from being a skier to a snowboarder and maybe others got a little irked at how much he talked their was an obvious energy there that I appreciated. As he walked off after talking about the difference between skiers and snowboarders he said, "Well, I look at it this way, if everyone were the same and everyone enjoyed the same things life would be pretty boring, wouldn't it?" Such awesome words!

Then, last week working another USAC .25 race in Hagerstown, we once again had a waiter that had more enthusiasm than should be allowed by law. Perhaps it's because, when I present, I have an energy like that that I appreciate it but I could see others were a little annoyed with just how peppy he was doing his job.

And finally, on Wednesday, Kyle and I went to the Rays vs Orioles game at Camden Yards (a ballpark I've always wanted to visit since the time I saw, on ESPN, Cal Ripken Jr. break the consecutive game streak) and while the game wasn't all that exciting it was neat walking about the stadium on all the great views they have where it's general seating, ahem, standing. Anyway, baseball is a difficult game to watch when one doesn't have a vested interest in the game and the tickets were beyond cheap so Kyle and I left early. We had about a mile and a half walk to the hotel but we saw a cab parked so we took it to the hotel and this cab driver, like the other two people had an aura of energy about him.

Kyle and the driver talked about sports, the players, and the entire five minute drive was filled with conversation. This may sound odd, but I was almost brought to tears simply by this taxi driver's knowledge and dedication to his job. I take a cab each year at the SKUSA Supernats in Vegas and usually the drivers are dull and don't say a word, but this driver, there was just an energy that I appreciate.

I find inspiration in energy because whatever I do I'm going to do it to the best of my ability. If you ever watch me flag I flag with the same intensity whether it is a three car rookie race, the S1 main at the Supernats, or the time I started practice for the Indy 500. The same thing goes for my presentations. 10 months ago my national tour kicked off with a presentation to two people and in my notes on all my presentations I stated, "best presentation I've given to date." It doesn't matter to who, or to what, whatever I do I will do it to the best because that's the way I believe life should be lived and when I see others have that energy I smile on the inside. Most of the time, on the outside, I will seem indifferent because I hate to let my emotions shown, but I'm taking notes and, well, those three people will never know that they made a blog, but the people we meet can be important in our lives whether they know it or not so be mindful of that because everyone is someone that a person will meet and we can feed off that energy which is why I put everything I have into everything that I do.


  1. It is always a pleasure when you meet people who take the time to converse with everyone else, and it is a bonus when they show their enthusiasm for their job, even if it is a taxi driver. Camden is one of the fields I would consider driving to from Missouri just to say I have been there. It is a great looking park. Even the Cardinal announcers were talking about how great it was when they were playing there a few weeks ago. Thanks for the blog Aaron!

  2. I have worked in jobs where I've had direct contact with the public on a daily basis, all day long, and it has been hard sometimes to find the energy to come to work, let alone act enthusiastic about a job I really didn't care about. Now I work in a job that I love and I know that it shows when people walk through our doors and I get to greet them and direct them to wherever it is they need to go. It makes such a difference when you actually love your job. I know there are people out there who can project that level of enthusiasm even if they don't love their jobs, but I am not one of those. So I consider myself lucky that I can project my love of my job to those I come into contact with.