Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Idea Overload

I've lost count of how many of the "best blog post ever" ideas I have had only to have forgotten it later. It took me four plus years but I've finally realized I can make notes on my phone to keep the idea. Sounds good, right ? There is, however, a down side. 

A typical blog post takes a day of thought; typically right after I finished that day's blog. I have a creative process and as I go to sleep I'm plotting the words I'll use and the next day I will write it. That's my process but now, having seven ideas waiting, the process is off kilter. Why? Instead of trying to plot one post I've got more than a week's worth of posts and they're going to be great posts, but thinking of all of them at once is overwhelming. 

This is very a kin to what school was like for myself. If you gave me one assignment I was fine, give me two I'd get a little nervous, but get over the three threshold and I'd get overwhelmed. It wasn't that I was incapable of doing the assignment but rather my brain would be working on all assignments at once which would not allow me to do any of them because I'd be preoccupied with all at once. 

When I was first told to start my blog I got very anxious because I wondered how I could keep a daily blog for a month or two and keep finding things to write so I had a piece of paper that I came up with ideas. Yes, this sounds like system of notes on my phone but this wasn't because I had ideas bit rather that I was afraid I would not have anything to write about. This paper eventually had two sides of prospective posts but the ideas were forced and weren't natural and I'd see all the posts at once and just like now I got overwhelmed.

I don't know what's going to happen to these ideas. Writing is a process and is something that can't be forced and having preplanned ideas is a different process but they are amazing ideas that have to be shared. I can't think of them all. I have to do one at a time... One at a time. Only if I had a brain that could do that without planning them all at once. 

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