Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Going Back to School... And I'm Nervous

I've got a full day of presentations coming up and I'm closing in on five complete years of being a presenter but today's presentation has me nervous. I don't typically get nervous but this is an unique set of circumstances as I'm going back to the schools in Nevada, Missouri.

What do I mean with, "going back?" This wonderful photo to the side was taken last September when I was at the schools there but I was such a hit that I got invited back. And that's the thing; I'm going back.

My school presentation, if you haven't seen it, is only about 25 minutes long and the rest of the time is open for questions. That being said I also have to say that it actually makes me nervous for people to see me a second time. I don't know why that is and I've had several parents come to five or more presentations. I do have to add that, if you have been to a presentation before, please don't let this comment stop you from coming. This issue I have is with myself as I have always hated to repeat myself and today I'll be repeating myself twice. Sure, more students have come to the school and students have moved up, but the majority will have already heard me.

How long have I been fearing this? I've known about this since April but I did get a boost of morale a few weeks ago when I presented at Parkway West Middle School in the Saint Louis area and a bunch of students had seen me present at Mason Ridge Elementary just several months prior. This brought about a sense of dread going in but the questions segment students asked about stories that were omitted, or asked questions to get to the stories that can only be given if the right question is asked. Afterwards there was no sense of, "Oh, why did we set through this again" as I fear. Oh, yeah, that's my fear. My greatest fear is to bore the audience and if someone has heard me once I am sure I will bore them the next time. That's just the way my brain works. Perhaps this is because if I've watched something once it's hard to watch again (unless it's stupendously amazing) therefore I know/assume everyone else operates under the same system.

I guess it's good to be knocked out of my comfort zone every once in a while. Now, next time I am out of my comfort zone please don't say I said it was a good thing, but on my way down to the area yesterday I thought of different ways, or different stories I could use in my presentation to speak the same points but with different stories to further the understanding. I'll see how that works out, but today also is a big day as I will exceed 10,000 people spoken to in the calendar year of 2014 so even though I'm nervous there is a small part of me with a slight smile as another milestone year has been achieved.

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