Friday, October 31, 2014

The Pursuit of the Perfect Presentation

Have I mentioned I'm a perfectionist? I think I have and when it comes to presenting I take everything beyond serious. Actually, whilst presenting, I'm analyzing everything I'm doing which all in all probably isn't a good thing because I'm always aware that I have fallen short in my pursuit for perfection. 

This perfect presentation is about as cherished as a perfect game pitched in the World Series. Regardless of the reception I get I always think of that one line, or that one point I wanted to make and didn't. This, actually, is tough to live with because I never feel content on what I did but only see what I didn't do. I feel this is one of the essences of having Asperger's. 

I've come close to perfection several times, specifically at school presentations, but always there's just one thing I feel I could do better. Yes, this is difficult to live with but at the same time this is what motivates me to keep going and to keep refining my craft. If I accepted the way I presented when I began I'd be rather bland and would not have developed the way I have. So in a way this is good and bad. It's bad because feeling satisfaction is difficult which can lead to a high level of frustration because perfectionist easy to ascertain. 

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