Friday, November 7, 2014

A Journey by Boat

This blog will be one long post. I will update it as the trip progresses so check back and I will also share updates on my Facebook author page...

November 7th, 7PM: So we are on the boat. I went boating back in to 2013 with Rob and his dad but that trip was essentially around up the block so to speak. This trip this time required a flight to go to the boat which had been left up in Powell River so tomorrow we will start sailing back to Vancouver which is about 70 miles away. It'll be a two day journey which means that I'll not only be spending one night but rather two nights on a boat which I have never done before.

This whole experience is foreign to me. I've been at the dock for about an hour now and just the slow moving back and forth has created this slight queasiness in me. I hope this doesn't get worse. I mean, I REALLY hope this doesn't get worse.

Outside looking out onto the water is an eerie feeling into a vast blackness. Being from the city darkness, well, blackness isn t something I'm accustomed to seeing but this was one of the motivations in coming on this journey. I'm finding I want to challenge myself more and more as I strive for such things. Also, through these challenges, I feel I grow. Sure, a 70 mile sail on a boat that does have some creature comforts isn't the biggest "roughing it" thing I could do, but for me this is, as I said, fully foreign.

Rob's dad is currently cooking dinner which will consist of salmon, cooked carrots, and a tomato soup. I love salmon but I'm thinking this will be a meal I will remember for a long time. There's been several, many actually, meals that stick out in my life but this meal, out here on the brink of pure darkness, is going to be one I'll remember for a long, long time.

10:45PM: Dinner was completed a couple hours ago and it was just as I envisioned. The salmon cooked by Rob's dad was phenomenal and I also had a couple brusslesprouts. After dinner we talked about various things regrading jobs, careers, the future, and a multitude of other topics. The world got very small as it truly, for me, consisted of just the interior of this 32ft sailboat. 

There was some work to do with sailboat stuff that I don't really understand. I've learned I love being on sailboat but if I were to ever captain a boat I'd feel sorry for anyone who would be on that ship. Honestly, I just learned tonight how to wrap a garden hose around my elbow. That being so all these knots, wires, cables, and everything else is beyond my brain's ability to understand any of it. 

It's bed time now and the full moon is giving quite the light show. It's going to be an early morning and the weather forecast sounds like the waters could be choppy. That might be bad for me but could lead to some interesting things to write about. Hopefully not too interesting, though. 

November 8, 8:00AM: I actually slept somewhat soundly minus the fact that every time I turned over I hit my head on the shelf above my head. At one point I woke up and I had no idea where I was and why there was a shelf above my head. I didn't investigate too much and back to sleep I went. 

We are a little behind of where we would like to be but sailing in the pitch black darkness was thought better of so we are about to leave the harbor. 

November 8, 3:40PM

I don't know when I'll be able to post this as I am completely cutoff. Actually, is odd but I'll get to that in a moment. 

This morning we left Powell River and headed South towards Secret Cove. Leaving the safety of the harbor it became apparent of just how vast these waters are. Sure, this isn't something daunting like crossing the Atlantic, but nonetheless I stood in awe of just how small we were compared to the world. 

The winds were low so the sails were an option so we kept motoring onward and we took turns at the helm. At one point there was a scare as a telephone pole decided to surface right in front of us. The thud made all three of us concerned and there were multiple thuds as it kept bouncing off the bottom of the boat. As the thuds kept coming back there was a concern because it did make contact with the props and the rudder. The thudding ceased and we looked behind to see that culprit of a pole and concern instantly went with the state of the boat. Thankfully all was well and we continued on albeit with a little bit more hesitancy as to what was lurking out there in the waters. 

The concerns kept us vigilant and once again I saw something that concerned me. However, my report to Rob's dad, the captain, was, "um, I saw something. It was blue and serviced but then there was a spray of water." This turned out to not be another evil log but was a dolphin. And then we looked out to our right, ahem, our starboard side and we saw orca after orca. There were at least a dozen surfacing and going back under and it was a phenomenal site. It was so awe-inspiring I didn't think of taking a photo. 

As we neared Secret Cove I was at the helm, and had been for about an hour and I entered a slalom course of logs. You'd be surprised how many logs and telephone sized poles are out there in the waters, but they're out there just waiting to cause a bit of grief. All logs were avoided and we pulled into this rather small harbor which is where I write this right now. 

Now, for being cut off, I have been tethered to Rob's phone which has allowed me to post previous to this. Right now, though, the signal is so weak that I am unable to post but I haven't had a signal all day. It has been weird being cutoff from all technology. One thing I've learned on this trip is just how in tune and I'd say dependent on my ipad and iPhone. I am an information addict of sorts and when I'm at home if I ever want to know anything I can find information about it. Being in Canada and not having an international plan and being on the water has limited my ability. I still would take my phone out and look at it and make the attempt before remembering that it was futile. After a long while it was somewhat relaxing. When I'm at home, or anywhere in America, I'm always connected. I've got my blog, my Facebook pages, emails, and so many other ways to stay connected to anything and everything. I don't know if you're like this, but if you are like me it'll be hard to imagine life without technology and I have to say I'm thrilled for this experience because for the first time in five years I am invisible of sorts. 

7:30PM: I am exhausted! The day was cold with a chilly wind as we moved over the water and my body often tires quickly with wind or cold and especially when both is in play. As I lay here about to go sleep I'm thinking back to five years ago come the 11th when that'll be the anniversary of my first presentation. I also think back to when I came up in for the 2010 Olympics and just how much I've changed as a person. I'm doing things I never thought I'd be able to. And in that I'm not talking about doing amazing things or things above the norm but rather everyday things. On this trip I've tried several new foods and on my trip in 2010 I was about as rigid as I could be. It just amazes me that things can, in fact, get better with time and I've grown so much since my first trip here. I don't think I could have done this boat trip on my first time year but times change, people change, and I've grown so much. 

November 9, 7:50AM: After one of the best sleeps I've had in a long time we are about to depart. The weather outside looks soupy and the boat at the dock is rocking back and forth so it could be a bumpy ride n

My sleep, though, as mentioned, was sound. I went to bed around 8PM and I had the four most vivid dreams of the year. I think this goes back to being cutoff. I was able to, I hope, get just a strong enough signal to upload what I wrote yesterday but I'm unsure. And even though I'm unsure there's nothing I can do about it. Typically there is something I can do about it but not now. Is this the art and point of sailing; to get away from anything and everything? If it is I can say that's why I slept without thoughts or worries. 

5:16PM: we've made it back and the adventure of today will be its own post tomorrow. 

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