Monday, November 24, 2014

The Day After

It's over now; my favorite five days of the year are now over. This year's SKUSA Supernats once again was a phenomenal experience and as I sit on this plane headed back to home I am fighting back tears. To some this race is just that; a race but to me it is so much more. I don't know how to describe it to be honest whether to call it my ultimate Kansas or maybe it's the length of time at five days which makes the event so great. Perhaps it's the time coupled with the fact that it is like running a marathon for myself. Or maybe it's the sheer intensity of constant action and constant radio chatter that requires 100% attention 100% of the time.

There are few moments in life that I am not stressed or dealing with a high level of anxiety. I don't write about this very often anymore, but it's still there but I've just grown to accept it. I don't try to fight it. Besides being at the tart finish line the other time I am fully relaxed is whilst presenting. Anyway, for five days every November I am in a state of pure tranquility in the midst of pure motorized chaos.

What do I mean by chaos? Nearly every session, so nearly every minute I'm working the race, there are 40 karts on track. This lends itself to all sorts of situations. Some good, some odd, some chaotic, and I have to be prepared to act, react, and be proactive on a countless number of situations and for my brain it is pure bliss.

To add to the specialness of this event this year, as with last year, my dad came out to watch which he got a photo pass so he was in my area. I probably was little overprotective on trying to keep him safe, but nonetheless it meant so much that he got to see me once again in action on karting's largest stage in the world.

Still though, as I write this, I'm fighting valiantly to not just break down and become a teary-eyed mess. With each year that goes by the conclusion to the event becomes harder and harder and accept. Yes, it's just four short (okay, long) months until my next event, but no event compares to this race and now I'm at that moment where I have to wait the longest until the next time when I get the honor of being at the start finish line, with flags in hand, and being completely comfortable with my chaotic environment and completely comfortable with who I am.

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