Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Sameness Over the Years

I write this on my phone so I apologize for any autocorrect errors. 

Anyway, today was day two of the SKUSA Supernats and between two of the on track sessions I stood at the start finish line and pondered just how much of this weekend has been the same as the previous six. This is my seventh Supernats and excluding the first one I did where the finish line was on the opposite end of the track I have been on the same spot for now 32 days of my life. The sameness is eerie, though. Sure, a few buildings on the Vegas skyline have changed, as well as an addition of one gigantic Ferris wheel, but from the smell of the hotel suite at The Rio to the order of the food at the buffet, to the location of command center at the track, well, it's so similar that it's actually a dream for me. 

Of course myself, being on the autism spectrum, I live sameness and this event and location provide that. In a way that's what also makes the Indy 500 so great because of the traditions and sameness. Sure, as with Indy and here, names change, faces change, and the crew from my first Supernats I worked to now isn't entirely the same, but the experience is eerily the wonderful sameness. 

The reason I write this is that I already have trepidations about next year as the Supernats are moving to a larger venue. This will be great for the track and competition, but I'm going to lose this routine, this place, the smells, the view. Will there be new of all those things? Yes, of course, but it won't be the same. Obviously I will adjust because these are my five favorite days of the year, but at the same time the next three days will be cherished all the little bit more because the smells, the walk from the room to the track, and all the other things associated will be changing. 

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