Wednesday, December 3, 2014

YouTube Series Upcoming

Several Saturdays ago I filmed the first four parts of my upcoming YouTube series and on the final day of the Supernats we filmed the final episode. 
It was rather odd for me to be filming rather than giving a presentation to a live audience. Actually, it was downright peculiar. I've done 584 presentations now and I've become accustomed to getting live feedback from an audience. In fact, I feed off the audiences responses and an audience that is into my presentation most likely is going to get a more enthusiastic presentation. However, I had no ability to garner any feedback as I stared into the soulless black lens of th camera. 

Episode five, which is what is being filmed in the picture above, was the easiest episode to film because I had sunglasses on. I wouldn't have thought it, but one of th issues I had filming was eye contact with the camera and having sunglasses on made the process of filming easier. 

The series, which is going to be, "the five most important statements, in my opinion, you need to know about autism" is going to debut sometime early next year and be released weekly on YouTube. I still have a prologue of sorts to film because not everyone knows my story so I'm going to have a video intro of who I am and why I do what I do. Once that is complete, and all is edited, it'll be time to debut the series which I am so excited for and I can't wait until you get the chance to watch. 

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