Friday, January 2, 2015


Welcome to 2015. This may sound odd, but ever since I started blogging I've been waiting for this year. Okay, to be perfectly honest, when I started blogging I thought it'd last at most 20 posts and be read by just two persons more than what is in my family, but once I passed that hurdle I have awaited this year. Why? I am milestone centric and any anniversary that ends in a five or ten is much more important than others and this year marks ten years since, well, my rebirth.

In many ways 2005 was a terrible year. I was depressed, lonely, and to give you an example of what par for the course was for that year my 2014 ended very much like the way the year of 2005 went. If you missed the posts about the end end of 2014 I was involved in an indoor karting accident and I fractured my tailbone. However, this gives me hope (odd, I know) that 2015 will be much like 2005.

While I did say 2005 was a tough year many things happened that shaped who I am today. On February 8th, 2005 I wrote a essay of sorts entitled, "Emily" about my first relationship that had ended when I broke up with her via text message on Christmas 2003. No one told me to write it, it wasn't an assignment of any sort, but I had been struggling with what it meant to have Asperger's and I was at the brink of self destruction so I wrote. The original chapter was much, much longer than what made it into my book, Finding Kansas, as I was rather repetitive and redundant. Don't blame me though as before that point in time writing was about as enjoyable as sitting in a traffic jam for three hours. I wasn't finished though as the next day I wrote "Game Theory" and "Linda."

In March I continued my writings having no idea if anyone would ever see it. I was writing simply for hoping that my dad would understand me more because I couldn't vocalize the things I was writing about. Then, in the final week of March, the event that would shape everything happened when my dad and I were held captive by a mob of homeless kids in Kisumu, Kenya. I've blogged about this several times but after our escape, and when I deescalated, I wondered if my survival meant that my life now meant something more; as if I escaped a situation that could have seen me injured or worse was a sign that my writings had merit and there was a purpose to my being as prior I felt as aimless as humanly possible.

In April of 2005 I got thrown off a moving vehicle at the karting track I flagged at and sprained my ankle. That was rather tame compared to some of my other misadventures in life but from that hospital visit I developed a MRSA infection and I was hospitialzed for several days. This was the lowest point of it all as I was alone for so long I such agony with a fever north of 104. I survived it and the writings continued.

I could keep going about 2005 but the reason I am so excited is because during this year I will be blogging about the past and what it meant. I will also be running a "Finding Kansas Revisited" series that gives updates and reasoning to the chapters of my book.

Things that aren't associated with 2005 will also be featured I my blog, of course, as a video series will be debuting on YouTube sometime this first quarter of the year. If all goes right it'll debut on February 8th as that would be the most fitting of days to do so. Also, I've got several other projects in the works that if they come through it'll be gigantic events so I hope they do happen so I can share it with you.

So be it the past, or the present, I hope my blog this year is my strongest yet and I hope I can do my best to help you get a better look at the autism spectrum. For the first time in my life I wasn't sad when midnight fell on December 31st because I've been looking forward to this year for a long time. My journey continues and this is the year to remember my genesis.

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