Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It happened! The milestone I could never have imagined when I began was reached. Yes, yesterday at a presentation to over 100 teachers in Piedmont I eclipsed the number of 50,000 people spokent to. 

I've been looking forward to 50,000 for a long time and I had no idea how it would feel once I got there. I mean, would I feel elated? How about a sensational bit of joy? Well, actually, there was none of that as it was just another presentarion. 

Just another presentation? Could I make it sound any more mundane? For myself, "just another presentation" means that it was a roaring success, and indeed that was what it was. 

I had a total of three presentations spread out over a couple hundred miles yesterday which I feel was quite fitting because it was a challenge to keep my energy level (and navigational) skills sharp. This made the number of 50,000 a little more special once I got to the hotel last night. 

At the hotel I tried to put into context what it means to have spoken to over 50,000. This was hard as I thought back on all 593 presentations I have given thus far. I thought back to an eat presentation in 2010 in Portageville that only had three people show up, I though back to 2011 to when I presented for the DMH Commision is Jefferson City, and then I thought to the numerous school presentations I've given across the country. 

All in all it was a sense of disbelief. As I've started saying in presentations now at my close, "you're just seeing the end product and this didn't just happen overnight." This is a multi-layered statement as for one I'm talking about my ability to present. If you'd have told me six years I'd have the skill, the nerve, and the bravery to present I'd have laughed at you. Also, however, I'm speaking about the progression of my numbers. I didn't just reach 50,000 overnight. It's been a process, a long process actually, of honing my craft and putting in presentation after presentation over mile after mile. 

Whilst I do have this sense of awe and disbelief at this milestone there is no time to rest on this achievement. I'm giving four more presentations today and whether there's three people, or hundreds, it's all just as important because there's so much hope, I feel, but only if we are understood. 50,000 May be great, but I'm not finished yet!

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