Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Trip of a Lifetime: Relocation Theory 1.0

What am I doing? No, seriously? It's just dawned on me that I am about to embark on the biggest trip of my life. Sure, I've gone to Madagascar, Kenya, and done two national tours of the US, but all those involved going with someone else. Today is different as today I go alone.

This trip was thrown together in haste and could be called an impulse purchase, but the travel bug has been nipping at my heels for sometime and when my relationship with my girlfriend came to an end I figured I needed to go away to write my fifth book, but what started out as just an excuse to get away has now morphed into a miniature version of an experiment I wanted to do.

I was flying to Paris en route to Madagascar and we were over Ireland at night and the towns and village lights were flickering below. I then had a thought, "Could I make it down there?" That was it. Would I have the ability to simply go to a new place and be there, find my way, and not starve. This idea has stayed with me for a while and I called it, "Relocation Theory" and I figured that at least myself would be able to step up to this challenge.

Just 12 days ago I was shopping around airfares and hotel rooms as this trip was booked on a tight budget and eventually a town, a hotel, and even a sporting event were booked. Since that day I've done minimal research and this has been on purpose. I hear there's plenty of amazing museums to visit, and places to see, but I don't want to much info. I don't speak the language, at all, which this too will be part of the challenge. I did meet someone is passing late last year from there and they said English is widely spoken, but is not a first language so I doubt I'll have issues. Besides, if I have pictures on my phone of addresses that's all I'll need. And you see, it is in this that I thirst for this challenge. I do plan on writing a big chunk of my fifth book, as that was my original intent, but I see this now as being bigger than that.

There will most certainly be blogs about this trip, however it will be post-dated. I have Finding Kansas Revisited to finish up next week and then starting on March 23rd I will begin posting. These will be written as if they are current day because I will be writing things as they happen, but part of this experience is to be cut off (minus one exception but that'll be explained in time) so very few people know where I'm going because I can't risk this experience becoming a constant social event from people that may know me from here, racing, or the like.

Wow, okay, again, I got to ask, "What am I doing?" People that I've told about this said that they wouldn't even try this. I don't look at this in fear, though. I've grown so much in the past five years that I anticipate this challenge with wide open arms and not since I moved to Vegas for a month in 2003 have I been so cutoff from everyone and everything I know, but that too is part of the excitement and adventure of it all. I can't wait to write about the excitement, the challenges, and the overall experience of doing something that is, well, the biggest adventure of my life. Again, my blogs next week are finishing up Finding Kansas Revisited and maybe it's fitting that my response to, "In the End" will be on my next to last day overseas, but make sure you read that post, but then make sure to start reading March 23rd as I tell the story of my big travel adventure.

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