Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Back to IMS

Today I'll head to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to flag the EVGP which is a race for electric go karts. It should certainly be interesting but the truly interesting thing is how this plays in to what happened a decade ago. 

Ten years ago right now I was in the hospital with a serious infection. Here's the thing though; just a week prior I had a major life event get canceled. I had been scheduled to be an intern for ABC for the month of May at IMS but the process of interns got changed and I had been dropped. Now here's the thing; had I been in Indy interning I highly doubt I would've sought out medical attention because missing a gig like this wouldn't be something I would've done. 

This is the thing in life. Sometimes doors are shut and while at that time it may be the most dream crushing of things, in the long run it puts us where we need to be. 


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