Friday, May 15, 2015

The Aspie Traveler Round Two

It's coming! I didn't think I'd be doing this again, ever, much less than three months after my Amsterdam trip, but the way events have played out I am.

The question is, "why do it?" This question has a couple answers. The first is because I need it. I learned an immense amount about myself and my strength and at this point in time I need to test myself again. I'm struggling with life's complex questions of, "Who am I? What's my purpose? Am I acceptable as who I am?"

Those questions may seem elementary and ones that I shouldn't ask, but I do on a daily basis. The events of the past three months have put all of this to the test and I've been hurting. I haven't gone into that, and I don't intend to, but doubt has crept back into my daily existence. That being said I had a week where I had no presentations and I found an amazing rate on airfare to a place I haven't been so another week long adventure is upcoming.

First, this isn't about running away from a problem. It may seem like it, and maybe you're convinced it is, but I have utilized several of the things I learned in Amsterdam to fit into my presentation. As I left Amsterdam I feared I'd never get to do a thing like that again, but if I did, and it turned out to be more than once, I had this thought of having trips that progressed in difficulty because I have to admit that Amsterdam was rather easy as everyone spoke English. In terms of the challenge factor it wasn't there so, what will happen if there was a little challenge? That was my goal but where the second series of The Aspie Traveler will take place I am going to a degree of difficulty of 10.

As with my first series I will be running everything postdated meaning I will be writing my stuff live but it won't run until I'm back in the states. I will say I leave the Tuesday after the Indy 500 and will be gone for eight days and will get back just in time to head to a race which that within itself will be a story because integrating back so quickly is going to be interesting.

But I ask, how am I going to handle this? Where I will be going was, in my mind, the sixth or seventh location but now I am going straight to what I think is going to be a most difficult challenge. But I want that! I want the challenge. I want to prove to myself I can do it, that I can navigate, that I can (somehow) manage the food.

I could go on and on but the next three weeks are going to be fantastic. Right now I'm in Alabama working a USAC .25 race, I'll get back to Saint Louis late Sunday or Monday and then I've got three presentations over Tuesday and Wednesday plus I've got to pack for three separate events (Indy 500, Aspie Traveler, USAC .25 race in PA) and also get my car worked on plus get currency to the location that I am going. It's a bit overwhelming, actually, to think about all the stuff that I need to do and at the same time thrilled for. I mean, it's only nine days until the 99th running of the Indy 500 and two days later I am undertaking the greatest challenge of my life! It's going to be fantastic and I can't wait to take you along for the ride!

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