Monday, October 26, 2015


I don't know how I should feel...

I presented at Robinson Elementary in Saint Louis today and I spoke to the 5th grade, I knew it was going to be close on whether or not I would reach 60,000 but when I put the numbers in my spreadsheet I did... 60,001!

That number is fitting because it isn't the "6000" that matters but it is that last digit of "1" as that's the target. Am I proud of the 60k? Who wouldn't be? However, if we look at the masses we lose sight of the individual and each single number of the mass is a person who may be on the spectrum, or may not be; may know a person, may not know; may someday interact with one, may not interact but whatever the case all in all each person may have a little bit more hope, may know how to support a person, or may better be equipped to interact due to what I've been doing the past five years. That's what's important and it took just over 670 presentations to get to 60,000 but the mission, dedication, and excitement I have on what I do hasn't ebbed an inch. Actually, today, have 60,00"1" just reinforces the fact that I need to keep at it and milestones aside it's time to look at the next 9,999 it'll take to get to 70,000.

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