Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The calm before the Hyper Kansas

Today is always one of the trickiest blogs to write because today is the longest day. Last year I wrote about the routine of the day as I await the evening staff meeting ahead of the start of the SKUSA Supernats which begins tomorrow, but with this year there is change. This is my eighth Supernats as the chief starter and the previous seven installments were held at The Rio, but this year it’s held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with The Westgate hotel serving as host. This change makes today different as the routine I’ve had is different, but one thing that remains is the wait.

While the venue may have changed the event and what lies ahead remains the same. Tonight we will have our staff meeting and I’m sure the words will be same. We will be told that the motorsports world will be watching and the importance of perfection. This is the Super Bowl of karting and drivers as far away from New Zealand will be competing. Even though I know the script of this meeting I hang on every word because this, starting tomorrow, is my favorite five days of the year and this is the ultimate of all Kansas. For some, maybe, this is just another race, but when I get the honor to be the one at the finish line with the flags, it’s truly an honor and to give anything less than everything my body and soul can give would be all but a crime. This isn’t to say that I slack at any other event, but this is the big one, the one I look forward to all year.

Another thing that this staff meeting ushers in is that this race is real. It’s finally here! Once the meeting is over it will be around 7:30 and somehow I’ll have to manage to force myself to sleep but sleep is elusive when one waits all year from what lies ahead in the morning. I’m sure I’ll be tossing and turning awaiting… anxiously awaiting the morning and the smell of race fuel, a hint of rubber, and the moment I unfurl the green flag for the first time to start the 19th running of the SKUSA Supernats.


  1. Are you spectating, competing, or flagging? It's been a while since I visited your blog. I hope you don't get run over by a kart if you're flagging.