Monday, November 30, 2015

The Marathon Ahead

I'm back in Saint Louis now but the marathon I had the previous month is nothing compared to the time ahead. However, the exhaustion from the previous month remains which is one of the reasons why my writing has suffered.

Anyway, what lies ahead is this; tomorrow I'm presenting to police officers and then I'm presenting to a school later in the week. Next week I've got several presentations which should see me give my 700th presentation! Then, on December 10th, the third round of The Aspie Traveler begins as I head to Norway. The day after I get back I immediately head to Nebraska to see my mom for Christmas accompanied with my mom and nephew. Once I get back January is going to be awesome with several trips to the KC region along with a couple in the Central region and at the end of the month it looks like I'll have a week in the Springfield region and right after that I head to round four the Traveler series as I head to a place few have heard of. It will be a great challenge and as it draws near I'll share more.

As for this week my goal is to finish up reading and editing my 2nd book and hopefully it will see a release next year.

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