Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Numbers of 2015

At the end of the year I often look at numbers and here is a compilation of my numbers of 2015. Some will be relevant, others irrelevant, but nonetheless here we go:

# of presentations: 115 (701 for career)
# of people presented to: 11,756 (61,525 for career)
# of counties presented in Missouri (see map)

# of Canadians annoyed by my music this year: 0 (running joke)
#of days away from home: 189
# of miles driven for presentations and flagging: 13,075
# of airline miles credited flown this year: 75,178
# of countries visited (airport layovers count): 6
# of soccer refs seen hit in the head with a ball (number is a link): 1
# of views on Asperger Insights season 1: 245,757! (season 2 will be filmed next month)
# of presentations cancelled due to illness: 2 (first two of my career)
# of tornadoes driven through 1
# of books reviewed: 1... it was my own
Name of most read blog of year: A Crash in Huntsville
# of amazing people met this year: too many to count... You know who you are
# of books written: 60% of The Aspie Traveler (just two segments to go!)
# of awesome pictures with dogs: too many but here's one
# of art museums visited: 3
# of country clubs joined: 1 (it was just $59)
# of people I hope to present to next year: 20,000... Let's do this!


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