Monday, January 18, 2016

Music and Writing

I've had a few iterations of this type of post as I've talked about music and my early writings. If it hadn't been for the right combinations of songs I don't know if Finding Kansas would've been possible as hearing music evokes emotions out of me which then I turn into words.

Ever since I got back from Norway I've had a bit of a writing block which seems to be the norm now after having such an intensive amount of stuff to write about and since I got back I've wanted to write a chapter made specific for the book but I've been unable to. This was now going on almost four weeks and the longer I awaited being able to start the higher the odds of me actually being able to do it because with my writing I either do it thoughtless or I don't do it at all. This chapter, however, would be vital to further detail the Hammerfest episode, the final restaurant scene in Oslo, and the emotions of my personal life to this date as I look ahead to my trip to the Reunion Island in two weeks but I just couldn't write it even thought it was the only thing on my mind. Then, yesterday, I finished a game.

The game was Pier Solar and the song on piano at the end brought out emotions buried deep within me so I rushed up the stairs to grab my laptop, and thankfully the credits are rather long as the game makers thanked every person who donated to their kickstarter campaign, and I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote in a fever pace that I hadn't experienced in many years. It was like the first night I started writing back in 2005 and the words were pure, emotional, and to the point.

Being a writer is much like being a sailboat on the water with no ability to steer as I am at the mercy of the winds. As I said, if I can't do something without effort then I probably won't be able to do it. I've learned that many factors can hinder my writing process be it excessive stress (a certain level of stress/emotion can amplify what would be something average and turn it into word magic) or confusion on how I actually feel about something. Also, if I write too much I can get into this same state as seen by the lack of content when I get back from an Aspie Traveler experience. However, there are a couple things that can unlock the door and allow words to flow and as experienced last night it was one simple song on the piano that magically transformed almost a month of writer's block to an almost 3,000 word chapter linking what was Norway to my next trip.

Back when I started my blog when I had an office I would always listen to music when I wrote. Along the way I went from giving few presentations locally to being all over the place so an office was no longer practical and lost within that was the music aspect. I can't believe I forgot the power of music in my writing life but in the most unexpected of ways we were reunited last night and I hope this time not to forget but I do have to say so far so good as this piece was written to the same song as the chapter was last night.

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