Friday, January 29, 2016

The Day Before

It doesn't seem real! I'm currently in Joplin and tomorrow I head for an island in the Indian Ocean. I still can't believe it. Because this week has been so intensive on travel and speaking I haven't been able to mentally prepare for this trip and I'll get home around 1AM and I'll have so much to do between a few reports that need to get done along with packing that I'm bound to forget a few things.

This trip is certainly going to be the most exotic location yet and with the introduction of renting a car it will give the trip the ability to travel to more places during the trip. I don't know if this will become a mainstay because the lack of personal mobility is one of the interesting aspects as in Tokyo I had to figure out the train system to get to the baseball game. Yet, traffic is such a bear from what I've read that taxis and the like aren't an option on Reunion.

As I mentioned at the start of the week my blog will be post-dated meaning the saga shall begin on here February 15th. Also, I'm anxiously awaiting the chapters that will be book specific as not everything I write goes to the blog as I've got another story arc which I haven't shared in the slightest in any of the previous trips. Also, this trip was strategically planned over my birthday as my birthday gets harder and harder to cope with each year.

Finally, I do look forward to these trips now because it opens up the writing flood gates and I had no idea just how many people have read my adventures until this presentation week and all the comments about Hammerfest, and Tokyo. While that one incident in Hammerfest I could certainly have been happy had it not occurred it has given me a talking point and people seem to really engage in the adventure of it all. This has motivated me even more to try and make the highs and lows of the trip jump of the screen with words. Of course, I can't change my writing style, but it's reassuring to know that the investment I've put into these trips have taught some things to those that have read and has even given some hope. How? I'm not sure but I'm glad it has because it may seem as if I'm just traveling to travel but as a writer these trips are, well, it's a lot of hard work. I was asked tonight, "Do you even get to enjoy the place you're in?" and I responded, "Not really. I'm so in tune with what I'm feeling along with note taking and constructing what I'm going to write in my head during each day that I don't really get to appreciate the things I write about." This is why I stated somewhere I really want to go to Hammerfest someday as a true tourist so I can just exist on the top of the world without writing or thinking.

Starting on Monday my blog will start a two week, ten post, series of the "Top 10 Most Read Posts". By no means are these the top ten best posts. I shook my head in disbelief at two of those that made the top 10 but search engine key words are an interesting thing, aren't they? Anyway, the next time I'll write something original will be on the airplane tomorrow but you won't read it until the 15th so I will wish you a pleasant two weeks as I head to a place I only imagined that I'd ever get the chance to visit. There's a story there as well and hopefully I remember to tell it in my opening post of The Aspie Traveler: Reunion (via Madagascar and Mauritius)

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