Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Pinnacle... Almost One Month Later

I can't tell you what May 19th meant to me. I've written about it two times and I guess this is now the third, but never have I needed something more than when I got to flag Indy 500 practice. Honestly, words fail at trying to describe what it means to work to get to something for 21 years and to finally achieve it... Well, I've sort of been stuck in that place.

I could write more about it, but instead video does a much better job. Below is the full day of practice from that day but two time stamps to note are 2:42:50 in which you can see me restarting practice with the green and then there's the 6:02:05 mark which begins the sequence in which I proudly display the checkered on the day's action.

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  1. Thank you for the timestamps, Aaron!

    I use them - and hashtags - to tell / share what is going on.