Monday, July 18, 2016

Are Minecraft's Days Numbered?

In my presentation I mention what the top seven things Kansas could be for a person on the autism spectrum. Before I get to those I’ll remind you my definition of Kansas as it isn’t the state but that activity or interest that a person on the autism spectrum is going to talk about or do to the exclusion of any or everything else. Now also remember that if you’ve met one person with autism you’ve only met one person with autism. Okay, since that’s out of the way here’s what’s been the top seven…

7. Military/airplanes

6. Weather

5. Movies

4. Trains

3. Dinosaurs

2. LEGOs

1. Videogames, specifically Minecraft

Now here’s the thing; I’ve been saying for almost three years that Minecraft is clearly number one by several galaxies and that nothing will ever come close to the top spot. However, there’s a rival now with this new thing called Pokemon Go. Pokemon has always been popular but now it’s coming on strong. I don’t know a thing about what Pokemon Go is so I’ll ask you, will it dethrone Minecraft as the #1 Kansas? Either on here or on my Facebook page let me know and also fill me in on this Pokemon Go thing… Is it a good thing?

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  1. Dear Aaron,

    I had a look at some Minecraft videos that Tony Vincent showed us about various Extreme Scenarios [including Angel Falls and Mariana Trench].

    Yes, I can see that the military/aeroplanes is a big interest and Kansas zone.

    There are some great Minecraft connections.

    I know a few things about Pokemon Go.

    Of course you can carry it in your pocket and put out your phone or similar device anywhere. It gets you around your neighbourhood and there are lots of Pokeshops.

    Pokemon and its variants had always been bigger in my world than Minecraft.

    A lot of these Kansas experiences are dynamic - complex - chaotic.