Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Block

The struggle to write continues and right now it feels very much like it did when I was in school. The thing isn't a lack of things to write about. Actually, it's quite contrary to that as I've come up with some awesome concepts to describe some mechanics that are in play, but there's this block from the part of the brain that has the creative concept and the part that can translate it and put it into words. 

Writing, when it flows, is easy; effortless at times, but when blocks go up it becomes difficult if not impossible. For me to write the way I do I have to traverse a part of my brain I try to deny. I do everything I can to deny emotions. I try not to think about them and try not to process them. That's why writing can be such a challenge even when writing about something that is just based in facts. Writing requires thought and requires the brain to operate at a different pace than normal thought. If there's stress, or if one is worried about the grammar or spelling of each word, then atypical thoughts will happen and that part of the brain that is attempted to be denied will be there and discomfort happens. 

I know when these blocks are lifted the material I have will be great, but until then I'll keep trying and hoping they lift sooner rather than later. 

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