Friday, April 8, 2022

An Incredible Journey

Two years ago, my work as an advocate and voice was silenced by the pandemic. Public speaking to students, law enforcement, and parents wasn't happening and with injuries I suffered at Daytona in 2020 my depression was great enough that I didn't push or look into doing virtual presentations. Sure, I had a few, but compared to the tens of thousands of people I presented to in the years prior I was not doing the work I was put on this Earth to do. Flash forward to the past seven days.

A week ago, ran a story about me that reached all across the globe. It was an honor, but the point I want to convey is this; the past two years I thought I wasn't doing my mission, but in a way I really was. The reach that the story, along with yesterday's Good Day LA interview, felt like it was more than anything other single thing I had done in my entire career so even though my presentations had ceased, I was working towards a goal I didn't know I was headed towards.

There's something I find beautiful in all this. I had an extreme level of self-loathing two years ago because raising understanding and helping families was what I was meant to do on this Earth. The pain I experienced after my diagnosis was worth it if I utilized it as it motivated me so others, perhaps, would not go through what I did.

The interviewer yesterday asked a question along the origins of my autism spectrum diagnosis story, and it led me to say something along the lines of this, "I wish I could go back and tell my 2005 self that it's going to be okay. I was working towards something I didn't understand at the time, and it will work out." I needed to tell myself that again after the interview as I thought about the past week. Following my passion and becoming one of the starters for the NTT INDYCAR Series did allow me, in time, to have a voice once more. When presentations become commonplace for me again, I'm going to talk about this in that following a job or career where passion lies is vital. Passion is something that can't be faked, and others will notice. A person may not be in the ideal place at this point in time, but like me, everyone could be working towards a goal they may not know their headed towards and the end result may be greater than ever imagined.

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  1. Your message is clear no matter what you're doing by just being who you are in all of your sincerity and integrity, Aaron.