Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The freeze

Multiple site post here. First, my fiancĂ© took an amazing video of the finish of the Indianapolis 500. You can view that here.

If you watched it to the end, you’ll see a long freeze at the end. I wish everyone that helped me become who I am could’ve experienced the joy, reflection, and gratitude I experienced in that moment. 

I’ll admit, I’m not the best at expressing emotions via spoken word. During the frantic race, all emotions were nonexistent as my focus was on the race at hand, and what a race it was! Wow!! Anyway, as the last car crossed the line to finish the race, and the job was over, emotions consumed me. 

Tears flowed almost instantly. I tried to comprehend the moment, but couldn’t. It still makes no sense that I achieved my life dream; to flag the Indianapolis 500. There are some dreams that are obtainable, and others that are such a long shot that if they come true no one would really believe that it did. That’s what this is, was, will forever be, and when realizing that, the emotions are raw.

I just finished writing a book that will certainly thank many of those people that got me there. Teachers, coworkers, and friends played a gigantic role. This is my story though. I’m sure many of you have done something monumental for a person on the autism spectrum and don’t even know it. Short term goals, growth, or perhaps a lifelong dream may have been made possible by a simple, or complex action. Whatever the case, when you see that freeze, realize that, even though it may not be spoken, there will be a moment where a person reflects back, and wishes they could thank you directly. 

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