Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Back Home

A week ago, the only thing I wanted was a couple days at home. The road had made me tired, exhausted, and a break was desired. On Monday that wish started, but I'm now living the "be careful what you wish for" life.

I can't wait to go somewhere. I don't home well anymore. There's a high level of anxiety as I await going anywhere. I believe this goes back to the difficulties to transitions. I spent 32 of the past 36 days at a racetrack working 12+ hours a day and now having 24 hours of free time in a day I don't really know what to do with myself.

My days, prior to 2010, were always like the day I'm having today and the concept of working more than six hours a day seemed like an impossible task, but now it's what's craved.

It's amazing that I'm still learning things about myself, and that the things formerly deemed impossible are now the possible and the possible seems impossible. This does show change happens, even when one expects it to not.

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