Thursday, July 21, 2022

Evidence of Growth

Traveling yesterday was, well, it was exhausting. Nothing seemed to go right and our flight from Indy to Chicago to get to Des Moines was delayed. The delays persisted and after an hour it was said that we were delayed due to the pilots being locked out of an app that allows them to view the plane’s manual. Frustrating indeed. 

We had a scheduled three hour layover in Chicago, but if we missed that flight we couldn’t get into Des Moines at 11PM and we needed every possible minute at Iowa Speedway during the day. 

The clock was ticking and the three hour lay over went to two, one, and then it was going to be an extremely tight connection. During the delays I was looking up alternatives which this is where the growth was seen. 

I thought back to all the travels I did with karting and USAC in the early 2010’s and I would not budge on what the itinerary would be. What was was going to be. No exceptions. However, I was looking up flight times, drive times, and when we got our flight pushed back on last time we requested our bags be offloaded and we made the drive to Iowa. 

It was unbelievable for me to do this. My anxiety used to be so bad with delays, but now I view it simply as it is what it is and can’t be helped. This proves to me growth is always possible. The more life is experienced, the more the ability to accept things that aren’t in my control truly are not. 

The biggest sign I had made huge progression was when we were somewhere in illinois and I looked at the dashboard. The gas light… it was on. Greg, who I used to work with in 2006, always ran the pickup truck to the point the gas light was on. My panic would swell each time as I feared the end of the world. That’s what my anxiety level was as I equated running out of gas to the end of everything. Yesterday though? I was in a conversation, looked forward and saw the light on and said, “hey, the light is on” and went right back to the conversation. It makes me smile writing this. Growth is good. 

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