Friday, December 16, 2022

The Blizzard of ‘22

There have been many times that I’ve been in a blizzard warning but the end results were anything but. There was always this notion that it would be fun, so long as the power stayed on, to go through the type of snowstorm you might’ve heard about from yesteryear. I’m here to say: it’s not fun!

It started snowing on Monday and each day has had snow. Tuesday into Wednesday was the heavy stuff, but each day has added to the snowfall. This trip out to my mom’s in Gordon, Nebraska was supposed to come to an end tomorrow, but now I’m not sure when I’ll get to leave. 

Last night I shoveled the front sidewalk out to the street and this morning I was dismayed to see my work undone between heavier than forecasted snow with the constant blowing snow. 

This was supposed to be… not this! In my mind I pictured a day of heavy snow but then life goes on. Currently, however, the western part of Nebraska is closed. All the roads from town to towns are closed for travel.

I probably sound a bit whiney but the underlying thing in play is that I can’t plan or predict what is next. Being on the autism spectrum can lead to a strong need to have prediction and to know what comes next, but it is impossible right now. I, along with many others out here, are at the mercy of the weather and the Nebraska Department of Transportation. So long as the wind keeps ripping the lands at 40+mph there will be no progress. Furthermore, a deep freeze begins Sunday with potential double digit negative temps. 

One person pointed out on Facebook that this guarantees more time with my mom and she is correct. It’s hard to enjoy it because I don’t know just how much time. If I knew that it will clear up on Tuesday then I’d be able to settle down and not have this constant anxiousness. For now, though, I’m relegated to looking out the window and seeing more white stuff fall from the sky. When will it end? Will it ever end? Those two questions will be what I remember most from the blizzard of ‘22. 

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