Friday, September 1, 2023

Getting Recognition

When I present to employers or individuals on the spectrum, I often will stress that, “it’s important to get a job in the field you love. Our passion often shines through and I firmly believe passion is something that can’t be faked and potential employers will notice it.”

This past weekend, the NTT INDYCAR Series visited Saint Louis. I did my usual job in the flag stand but NBC’s INDYCAR X page took notice and shared

It’s an odd sensation to get a shoutout like this. I love my job. I worked to get this position my entire life, and yet when I receive an accolade like this, I’m unsure how to react. I am proud of my work, but my joy comes in the work itself. The pressure of the job, the adrenaline, and the sensation of ice flowing through my veins one minute before the race is a sensation I only get at this job. For myself, that’s the joy and when I get a shoutout, I’m unsure how to handle it. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is flattering, and a bit cool to have a National outlet recognize me, but I’m doing this job because I love it, and whether I’m working a kart race, or an INDYCAR race in front of a national television audience, I’m going to enjoy it all the same. 

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  1. YES!

    What you do with the flags is pure and true artistry.

    And the way you love all the races.