Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Foreword

I wanted to get several chapters read yesterday, but all forward progress was stopped when I read the foreword written by Dr. Mark Cameron. 

In my writing journey, the person that first read my material was Dr. Cameron. The weekly visits to him were something that I had pushed out of my mind, but reading his words about my work brought back the stories from my weekly Monday visits. 

It was weird for me, yet it was the fuel that kept me going. At first, writing was a means to not have to speak during an appointment, but as the weeks went on, and he used such extreme adjectives to describe my work, I became a bit perplexed that made my writings so unique. 

Dr. Cameron saw my work at the level of authors I had never heard of, but as I looked them up and saw their distinguished accolades, I became confused. Who was I to be compared like that? Writing was easy, somehow, so how could my work be good? 

I had never read the foreword until yesterday, but reading it made me excited for my next book to come out. The next one won’t be as philosophical, but I hope there’s the same level of excitement and praise for my continuing works. 

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