Friday, September 23, 2022

Heading west tomorrow!

I haven’t been excited for a trip in some time. Well, excited in the way I am for this trip. You see, tomorrow before the sun comes up I’ll be in my car headed west down I-70. It’ll be almost 19 years to the week I made this same trek as a 20 year-old that led to the chapter “Las Vegas” in my book. 

This trip has several purposes. The first, is to provide inspiration for writing material for this blog as well as to just get away and allow me to write chapters in the book I’m writing about my path to Indy. Another reason is there’s a SKUSA race in Fontana, California that I’ll be able to work. 

I’m curious to see what thoughts or feelings I have on this trip. The experience almost two decades ago has stayed with me all this time and it’ll be fun to contemplate what was, what is, and what’s to come as I travel down the roads I did in 2003, just months before my diagnosis. 

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