Monday, September 12, 2022


The season is over. I write this in an extremely busy Dallas Love Field. It was about a three-hour flight from San Jose this morning and that gave me time to reflect on the year that was.

I take a lot of photos. For some reason I have quite the eye for unique shots, but that's not my motivation to take photos around the track. Instead, it's a way to help my memory of that exact moment in time. You may think it's about the moment in time at the track, but that's not the full story.

Yes, I love life at the track, and yes, my photos tend to be "showing off" as one of my coworkers will say, but as I scrolled through my photos of the year, I was reminded of the people I work with. 

Through photos of my environment, I remember the conversations, the laughter, and yes, the long hours. Because of this, the photos I've taken far exceed the value based on a composition level and they get to the level of unmeasured value.

I can't speak for everyone on the autism spectrum, but for myself, any item that is tied to memories quickly becomes a vital item. This also applies to the bits of data that composes the photos I've taken. 

During the flight, I attempted to delete photos that weren't up to par on quality, and I struggled. I remembered the place, the people, the smells... I don't want to forget all of that, even when the photo may have been on a P that I mistook as an R on a label. 

I wasn't able to properly say goodbye to my coworkers as ends are hard for me. There's no way I can verbalize what they mean to me, but the 2023 season will be here before I know it. We will do everything we did this year once more with new memories, new photos, and in a year, I'll once again be on a flight at the end of the year wondering where the time went, and not being able to delete the photos off my phone once more.

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