Friday, October 21, 2022

A World’s Collapse

I’ve always had dreams that were a little too realistic and a little bit too much self awareness in them. Recently, as morning nears, my awareness of the world within the dream coming to an end is a bit too high. 

I don’t know how many others experience anything like this, but a couple times in the past week I’ve had a mourning session in the dream preparing for the loss of the dream. It’s odd to have those in the dream aware of their pending demise back to the depths of my subconscious, but that’s how it’s been playing out. 

At presentations I’ve heard from many on the spectrum that share this same heightened sense of dreams. While I’m not sure if this is or isn’t a widespread thing, I can say it’s a bit annoying to feel as if a world has collapsed each time I wake up. 

I hope tomorrow morning there isn’t this sense of loss. The figment’s final moments aren’t in dread, but of a goodbye that’s definite and final. Going throughout the day there’s a nagging tug on the subconscious level that’s aware of the finality of those lost. I know they were just my imagination, but with the clarity of my dreams it always feels as if there was a true loss. 

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