Monday, October 17, 2022

Decision Lines

I don't remember much from elementary school geometry, but one thing I do remember is the concept of a line. A line has a starting spot and then has an infinite path in one direction. Even back then I associated with this concept in terms of decision making.

Making decisions on a choice has never been my strong suit. Where to eat, where to go, what to watch, and any other smallish decision is often a long, drawn-out marathon of mental anguish. I've always been envious of others in the apparent level of ease that decisions are made. I mean, how does one just simply make a choice? It gets even harder when a choice has been made and then a change in mind occurs. 

It's amazing to see, for me, how others so effortlessly change their minds. Myself? That choice is much line a line in geometry that has been made in a specific place and time and the line goes for all eternity. How then do others deviate from this line? 

I've always been at a loss at how others proverbial geometry is much more a criss-cross all over the map of decision making. Any decision or conclusion I've come to has been an extensive amount of thought, and when a plan or choice has been made that proverbial line stretches forever, so if there's any conversation about deviation, it's much like trying to change something that always has, is, and will be.

This is another way to describe the difficulties in change. Even on things of the smallish level. Within a day there isn't just one line going one direction; it's a dance of thousands of lines and if one line gets moved, then all the other lines have to be reorganized and it can cause a cascading crumble that crashes the system. This is why things that are small can be big. This is why a small change at school can create much larger issues, and this is why a small change on the way to pick up some books can create anxiety that is difficult to understand.

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