Monday, October 3, 2022

Dreams and Writing

Thursday and Friday of last week saw a writing explosion for me as I’m working on my next book. I’ve been working on this book for 14 months but have had zero success in momentum. Meaning, before my road trip it was maybe a chapter a month which lends itself to nothing productive. 

When I began writing Finding Kansas in 2005, I noticed an uptick in dreams. Some of these dreams actually became concepts in the chapters! Once again, my dreams have become more realistic and it’s a bit daunting to go to sleep due to the amount of thought that they create. 

I wonder if there’s a connection? I’ve heard from others on the spectrum at presentations that, compared to others at presentations who aren’t on the spectrum, that our dreams can be more vivid and lifelike. I’ve got no clue if this is a thing, but in my life I can attest that, when my subconscious is working a lot, the dreams at night become more. 

I shall see if this continues when I complete the book. I’m nearing 50,000 words and I’m excited for this book to get released because it’ll have a strong cross market appeal. 

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